How to Improve the Motor Skills of Your Child

The motor skills of children are very important for them. Children learn to walk and to talk from observing their parents and older siblings. So when children are under the age of ten years old, their motor skills have not developed to the level that they need. It is vital for parents to be aware of these motor skills and how to develop them. Below are some simple tips for parents to help in developing the motor skills of your children.


Fine motor skills are actually the simple motions performed when hand muscles are directed to perform a certain action. They enable to move, lift, turn and crawl. These natural movements are required to perform daily activities such as walking, standing, eating and even pointing.

Children learn at different levels. Some can sit still for a few seconds, while others cannot sit still for more than a few seconds. The toddlers and preschoolers learn to take a long time to move. The elementary school students also perform the activities with considerable speed. The teenagers are capable of moving a lot faster.

When we teach our kids the motor skills, it is essential to use appropriate and age-appropriate materials. A child must be able to see the picture or image of the activity being carried out. This will encourage them to participate actively and become interested in the activity. We should not forget that our children are learning through observation so it would be wrong if they were not able to do something because they saw something they did not like.

In order to make the motor skill development easier, it is best to introduce it gradually. If you want to start your child on the toddler stage, start the motor skills by teaching him how to stand up, sit down and walk. After this, you can move onto the toddler stage when he is able to roll over, reach up and crawl without falling over. This way, there will be no problem for him to move forward and backwards.

Parents should be careful in introducing the motor skills to children. It is important to give them the right amount of stimulation so that they will not get bored with it. It is better to make some changes in the activities so that they will be more interested in them. When there are more activities in a single task, then the kid will know exactly what action to do. In addition, it is best to make them use their imagination and creativity while trying to complete the activity. for a more effective motor skill.