What is a Double-Sided Grinder?

Doublesided Grinder

What is a Double-Sided Grinder?

A double-sided grinder is typically a solid, stable grinder with just two slices of stone. But a double-sided grinder also does come with some advantages. One of those advantages is the ability to simultaneously grind two opposite surfaces together. This can produce a type of multi-ground product, which some call a cross-ground variety. What is this product and how can it benefit the hobby of grinding gemstones?

The most familiar type of this kind of grinding machine is a rotating disc grinder. In a typical design, a grinding wheel is located above the workpiece in the case of a single-sided grinder, while the workpiece itself is below the grinding wheel. When two discs are side by side, the space between the discs will be used for grinding.

The advantage of a double-sided grinder lies in the fact that it allows two pieces of stone to be ground simultaneously. It also is more efficient than single-sided operations in certain instances. In addition, the ability to grind two pieces of stone in tandem can also speed up the process of grinding gemstones, because two pieces can be ground at the same time with significantly less effort. While the additional time and effort in multi-grounding can take longer than using a single-sided unit, it can actually be faster than traditional methods.

The two types of units are also designed for two types of use. In one type, the grinding disc is completely encased within a housing and is used by its own motor to turn the grinding wheel. The housing itself is called a core piece and it is located inside the main body of the machine. In another type of unit the housing is encased in a different material than the disc, and the grinding wheel is located outside of the machine.

Typically two types of grinding machines are available for home users. Some are designed to simply grind small items, while others are designed for larger jobs like jewelry and other large pieces. The two-sided grinder has become popular for larger jobs because the two grinding discs can be used together to produce a uniform product. The advantage to using two grinding discs is that each side of the top surface of the stone has a very distinct grinding pattern so that only uniform pieces of stone are cut from the same face. In the two-sided units, only the tops of the stones need to be ground, while the sides of the stone can be ground separately.

One type of double-sided grinder that many homeowners have found useful is the band saw. While it is not always possible to grind small things into a band, it is often possible to use a band saw to grind larger materials. The band saw is also not as rugged as some of the other grinder units available. Many of the more expensive units have stainless steel construction and a heavy duty cutting blade. This blade is especially helpful for getting very thin materials cut properly. It is also important to note that most band saw blades are not made for use with abrasive grinding blades.